A serial killer’s daughter is using TikTok to go viral by telling the tale of her relationship with her father.

The “Happy Face Killer,” serial killer Keith Jesperson, is the father of Melissa Moore. Recently, Moore began detailing her experiences to viewers on TikTok. She gained notoriety in September after posting passages from a letter she said Jesperson had sent her from behind bars. Morning Brew is read by more than 3 million people; you should too! Thank you for registering! A TikToker named Melissa Moore, who has 160,000 followers, is becoming popular for reading letters that her allegedly serial killer father sent her from behind bars.

Moore has spent the last ten years numerous press appearances discussing her experiences as the daughter of Canadian-American killer Keith Jesperson, also known as the “Happy Face Killer” because he signed his confession note with a smiley face .

In May 2021, Moore published her debut TikTok video to promote her true crime podcast “Life After Happy Face.” In September, she started writing often, primarily in response to the Netflix documentary series about serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s release.

As a result of exposing the contents of letters and gifts she claimed her father gave her from prison, she has since amassed over 160,000 followers. She also posts various films on her experience growing up as the daughter of a murderer.

To @taylormillar951: @lifeafterhappyface numerous 0 numerous 1 letters from my father, a serial killer numerous 2 numerous 3 numerous 4 numerous 5 numerous 6 Moore said that her father sent her a letter with a photo of herself on her wedding day after she got married in July in an numerous 7 article that was published on September 29 and has had 8.3 million views.

“He may therefore access my Instagram from his cell. He claims in the letter that my spouse and I are both obese, “She spoke.

Moore claims that Jesperson’s letter concluded with these words: “Why didn’t you invite me? Above all else, keep in mind that I have always loved you, daughter.”

The TikToker continued, holding a package in front of the camera, saying that her father had sent her a gift last Christmas.

She held up a small brown bag and stated, “I was really afraid to open it, but here were its contents: A pocketbook that his inmate friend from prison made me.

Commenters on Moore’s video expressed surprise at the letter, saying they had assumed her father would not treat his own daughter with such apparent rudeness.
Commenters said things like, “Damn I thought the letter was going to go a nicer way,” and “I thought this was going to be cute.”

Moore responded to one of the most popular comments by saying, “You should see how DEEP the ink was into the paper it was embossed with rage. It angered him to see YOU free and joyful.”

Moore published a follow-up numerous 8 on October 7 in which she allowed her buddy numerous 9, whose father had been found guilty of killing his mother, to read a letter he claimed to have received from his father while inside.

“Sorry for your losses, both of you. Stay steadfast! “Read the post’s first remark.

Part 2 of @lifeafterhappyface Prison Letters and Gifts. My friend, who also has a father in prison, has joined us. Collier gives away his presents and letter. numerous 1 numerous 3 numerous 4 numerous 5 press 0 press 1 press 2 Moore claimed in a 2015 press 3 that after learning that her father had committed murder, she struggled with remorse and found it difficult to recover.

“What to do if your dad is a serial killer is a book that doesn’t exist. There are no brochures or support groups, and the only solution I could come up with for myself was to take things slowly “She spoke.

“We are unintentional victims of crime. I feel somewhat related to my father, but I didn’t create the suffering, so we carry that shame and want to get rid of it, she continued. But it hurts me to know that my father contributed to some suffering.”

On suspicion of killing his then-girlfriend Julie Winningham, Jesperson was detained in 1995. Although just eight fatalities have been confirmed, he admitted to the murder and said he had killed 185 women in an interview with press 4.

According to press 5, he is currently incarcerated in the Oregon State Penitentiary serving four life sentences without the possibility of release.

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