A restaurant in Maryland is getting criticism for continuing to operate while a customer’s body, which had died of a heart attack, was left in the lavatory for almost two hours: reports

According to NBC News, a Maryland restaurant is getting flak for continuing to operate after a patron passed away. According to reports, a woman suffered a heart attack in the Jasper’s Restaurant restroom. According to Fox 5 DC, the eatery kept taking orders while it waited for the coroner. Subscribe to our daily newsletter to receive exclusive analysis, news, and trends in your inbox. Thank you for registering! A restaurant in Maryland is receiving harsh criticism for carrying on with business while a woman’s body apparently lay in the restroom for close to two hours after she suffered a heart attack.

In Maryland’s Prince George’s County, the incident took place on Wednesday at Jasper’s Restaurant, NBC News reported. . After a family paid their bill, one of the restaurant owners told the media outlet that a woman from the group left for the restroom but did not come back to the table.

According to Fred Rosenthal, who was quoted by the site, when someone went to check on her, they found that she was “unconscious.” He continued, “They informed our colleagues, and we jumped into the scene and phoned 911.” The police showed up quickly.

Just after 6:30 o’clock in the evening, local law enforcement and emergency personnel arrived on the site and determined that the woman had likely suffered a heart attack before passing away.

According to the local news station citing a police report, the women’s restroom at the crowded institution was closed off, while the men’s restroom was open for use by all patrons. According to the investigation, the restaurant was actively seating customers at the time of the event.

Rosenthal told NBC News, “Hindsight is 20/20; we didn’t know it would take the coroner two hours to remove the body.” If we had, we would not have continued to seat individuals. In order to avoid a commotion, we tried to keep it as respectful as possible.

Both accounts claim that it took the coroner two hours to arrive and that she silently slipped the woman’s body out the side door.
But after several diners called the eatery they would not return , there was a social media backlash against it.
On Thursday, the proprietors issued a statement expressing their regret to the woman’s family and clients.

The statement read, “On behalf of our ownership, management, and staff, we express the most heartfelt sympathy and sympathies to the deceased’s family.” “We will be contacting the family to see if there is any way we can support them during this difficult time,” the statement reads.

Craig Winn, the decedent’s husband, said in an interview with AA4 that he wished restaurant management had done a little bit more for his family but urged people not to “indict the restaurant.”

The only thing that could have improved the situation, according to Winn, is for a management employee who was on duty that evening to have approached him and inquired as to what could be done.

According to the story, Winn and his wife, Verna, were married for 40 years and he called her his “soul mate, my life partner, my best friend, and my lover.”

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