A Maryland couple claims that uninvited guests have moved into the house they recently purchased and won’t leave.

A Maryland couple isn’t settling into their new house; instead, they’re investigating who moved in before them.

A couple in Prince George’s County reportedly signed a contract with a bank on Thursday to purchase an empty foreclosed property. The pair reportedly noticed a U-Haul in the driveway and individuals moving in after they left that meeting and drove past the house.

The occupants of the residence persisted in being there the following day.
The woman “panicked a little,” according to Melea King, the couple’s realtor, and called to inquire about what was going on at the property.
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Additionally, the couple asked King to speak for them regarding the occupants of what was intended to be their new residence.
Despite warnings to’stay away’ from the property, WUSA9 reported sighting at least two males visiting the house on Friday.
According to King, it appears like someone has attempted to occupy the house.

The individuals who were moving into the house were questioned by the couple, who then called the police after the men displayed papers that appeared to be a lease for the property.

When the police arrived, King claimed, they looked at the lease and discovered that it was inaccurate. “It was wrong,” you say.

King revealed to WUSA9 that the pair has a “accepted sign ratified deal with the bank” and displayed the purchase agreement with U.S. Bank to the outlet.

Firefighters in Maryland rescue a suspected home intruder who is trapped in a chimney.

When the news outlet’s reporters attempted to speak with the individuals inside the house, they were told that a man by the name of “Quinn” had the lease. Despite not knowing his last name, they claimed that “Quinn” was an uncle. The males then objected to being pressed further.

A Prince George’s County police officer did go to the house on Thursday, but according to the department, the sheriff’s problem appears to be more of a “civil situation.”

According to reports, the couple felt the response was insufficient and intended to ask the bank how the other individuals were able to enter the residence in the first place.

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