A Florida lady is accused of second-degree murder in the shooting death of a deputy, age 21,

A 21-year-old Florida woman has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of a sheriff’s deputy who was killed early on Tuesday while executing a felony arrest warrant after being hit by friendly fire.

After Polk County Deputy Sheriff Blane Lane was slain in the line of duty in Polk City, Cheryl Lynn Williams, 46, was charged with 13 felonies, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office announced Wednesday.

Around three in the morning, Lane and three other deputies went to a house to arrest Williams on a felony warrant for failing to appear on a charge of possessing methamphetamine.

Williams allegedly brandished a “very realistic-looking BB pistol” at deputies, prompting two of the deputies to fire, according to authorities. Lane, who was stationed outdoors in front of the trailer, was struck in the left arm by one bullet.


Williams faces 13 felony charges in connection with the death of Lane.

He passed away at Lakeland Regional Health Medical Center when the bullet struck his chest.

Williams made the decision to hide, then he jumped out and pointed a revolver at them, according to a prepared statement from Sheriff Grady Judd.

The sheriff continued, “Now she is accountable for the death of Deputy Lane, a young man eager to serve the people of Polk County while making a good difference as a law enforcement officer. He had his entire life ahead of him.

Lane had dreamed of becoming a Polk County sheriff since he was in grade school, according to a year book photo posted to social media by Scott Lake Elementary School.

Williams was shot numerous times and received medical attention in a hospital, where her condition is stable.

Deputies discovered multiple guns on a gun rack mounted to a hallway wall while searching the home. Three guns were used: a single-shot 12-gauge shotgun made by Connecticut Valley Arms, Inc.; a bolt-action 410-gauge shotgun with one live bullet in the chamber; and a Marlin model 99M1.22 caliber rifle with scope and seven rounds in the magazine tube.

Deputies salute the flag-draped body of a Polk County Deputy Sheriff Blane Lane, 21, as they place him into an ambulance on Tuesday morning.

Williams is also accused of possessing methamphetamine, two charges of ammunition possession by a felon, three counts of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, three counts of resisting arrest, and three counts of having a firearm in his possession while a felon.

When Williams leaves the hospital, she will be checked in at the Polk County Jail.
Two additional convicted offenders who lived at the house were also detained by deputies.

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