A competitor on the Great British Baking Show claims that harassment by fans has prevented her from watching the show. 4 years prior

Stacey Hart of season eight admitted to Insider that she no longer enjoys watching “The Great British Baking Show.” Hart and her family suffered as a result of the internet harassment and bullying that she experienced. Even judge Paul Hollywood and several ex-bakers have spoken up against fan trolls. Join Morning Brew to receive the greatest tips for living more wisely. Thank you for registering! Despite the show’s reputation for cheerful energy, several participants have experienced abuse and teasing from viewers.

Around a dozen amateur bakers are featured on the show, which is known as “The Great British Bake Off” in the UK, and for some entrants, that fame had a negative impact.

Stacey Hart, a baker from season eight, spoke to Insider about the bullying that occurred when her season aired and the reasons why she no longer watches the show.

HART claimed that she finds it difficult to watch the program because it “brings back memories of sadness.” For Hart, getting a role on “The Great British Baking Show” was a major triumph. But watching her season was tough due to the online bullies who contaminated it.

Hart said to Insider that she is no longer able to watch the show at all.

She claimed, “After I was on it, I didn’t want to watch it anymore.” “I had some horrific trolling after that really, really damaged me and my family,” the person said. “It brings back memories of grief.”

I understand that it sounds bad, Hart continued. But because that’s how I feel, I stay away in order to live a happy rest of my life.

The baker claimed she was depicted in a specific manner on the show.

Hart claimed to be aware of the portrayal of her that was being attempted during her season.

I was sort of briefed how they would present me. She remarked, “It was like I did the hilarious stuff. I smashed the oven door, kind of. The oven door was not broken by me at all. The oven door was immediately replaced, and it wasn’t a big deal.

Because they couldn’t show everything, she claimed, “there were some things they showed me doing that they didn’t show other people doing, but they show the funniest stuff.”

She was still irritated by some of the editing decisions, though, at times.
Hart admitted to Insider, “I know that what you see on the show is not precisely what happened.” I am very aware of editing, thus.
And now I find it difficult to see it because it makes my heart hurt again, she continued.

When viewers saw criticized Hart’s more emotional moments spliced together on the screen, especially those that occurred during difficult bakes, they frequently commented online.

Prior to the show, HART wasn’t a big user of social media, and the experience didn’t convert her. The baker claimed she was “in really good humor” when she first watched her season before realizing she was trending on social media.

Before a friend suggested she start one while she was submitting applications for the series, she told Insider that she didn’t even have an Instagram. But when her season aired, she began to become entangled in the online abuse she was facing.

Social networking in general wasn’t something I placed much importance on at the time. And then it got to the point where I couldn’t help but look at Twitter, even though I didn’t want to,” she stated. I couldn’t help myself, even though I didn’t want to see what people were saying about me.


Hart received criticism for her décor choices from viewers, media, and even the judges throughout her tenure on the show, which frequently used hot-pink food coloring and edible glitter . People, including Julia Chernogorova, Yan Tsou, and Liam Charles, were quick to express their annoyance when she continued to appear on the show instead of fan-favorite bakers despite struggling with the obstacles.

She was eliminated during semifinal week – despite the judges’ praise for her pink flamingo showstopper bake — which prompted inspired some viewers to post on social media in support of her elimination.

Even though I still have a lot of wonderful friends, Hart lamented that you don’t recall them. You recall the rude people who refer to you as a “s—- baker,” “rubbish at this,” “crap at that,” and “hope she’d leave.”

Hart was also worried about her family’s potential impact from the bullying.

It got to the point where I worried that my kids might see this. It was quite difficult because I had two older children,’ she told Insider.

AFTER WORKING HARD TO GET ON THE SHOW, SHE WAS TERRIFIED WATCHING HER SEASON “One day my husband turned around to me and I was totally out of it watching my final episode, and he was like, “Where are you? Stacey, where are you? Please return,” she said to Insider.

Hart put a lot of effort into applying for the show, which contributed to the difficulty of the trolling.

She spent a whole year honing one aspect of baking at a time after having her initial attempt rejected, until she felt comfortable taking on all of the show’s famous tasks.

They are unaware of how difficult it is, how much effort it requires, and how much work is put into it, she told Insider. And then you get called an s—- baker, I hear. Well, I wouldn’t be on the show if I were a terrible baker.


Hart admitted that it was difficult to watch the show and that she experienced fan bullying, but she called competing on the show the “greatest experience” of her life.

Even while she enjoyed every second of filming the show, she admitted that she disliked how it was broadcast. “I would reshoot everything, but I wouldn’t reshoot the airing.”

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